Youtube’s “Rewind 2019” video is getting roasted on the internet for being lazy and low-budget

YouTube has just dropped in the annual year “Rewind 2019” video, and the fam cannot stop criticizing it. As every year, the video featured platform’s most prominent creators and trends in 2019, but it failed to make its way to the heart of the people.

Since the video has been posted, it is continuously getting criticized for being dull and lazy — the most surprising fact to notice as it has a number of dislikes than likes.

According to most of the viewers, the Rewind video of 2019 seemed to be more diverse than the other years. However, there was still a handful who were not very much upset about the video, like Casey Neistat and LaurDIY.

Unlike the last few years, where the rewind video was created compiling the most-hated videos of Youtube, while this year, the most-liked videos of the most-viewed creators, were chosen to create it.

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