Xbox One Won’t Turn On Power Brick Orange Error: Complete Fix

Xbox One Won’t Turn On Power Brick Orange Problem: Fixes

Before proceeding with Xbox One Won’t Turn On Power Brick Orange Problem, first, let us understand what the orange light means in an Xbox. When you connect your Console and press the power button, it turns on and displays the home screen. However, in rare circumstances, you may be left with an orange light on the Console’s power supply. This indicates that the Console is not starting up, and you will see a black screen as a result.

When you turn on the Console, the light on your power supply may flash white for a brief moment before returning to solid orange. The orange light on your Xbox is normally an energy-saving mode caused by a built-in surge safety device. The orange light on your Xbox is normally an energy-saving mode caused by a built-in surge safety device. In this case, you’ll need to troubleshoot the power source to get it to turn on from standby.

Xbox one won't turn on power brick orange error

There are two types of orange status lights on the power supply.

  • As the console powers up, a constant orange light will illuminate, then turn white as it completes the process. If the Console is turned off, the continuous orange light can be seen here as well, indicating that the power supply no longer needs to run the Console and has switched to a power-saving mode. And people keep wondering why there is the issue with the Xbox one won’t turn on power brick orange.
  • If the orange light on your power brick blinks, the problem is almost certainly internal. The power source will be unable to receive or deliver any energy in this circumstance. Finally, you may need to purchase a brand-new power supply.

Why is my Xbox power brick orange even when unplugged?

The orange light on the Xbox One power supply indicates that the Console is in standby mode. You won’t be able to switch it on since it isn’t getting enough power. To resolve this issue, unplug the power supply and wait for ten FULL minutes. The power supply should now be reset.

If the orange light is constant, you might have to consider doing the following:

Test a Different Outlet

  • To begin, double-check that your power source is properly connected to the outlet and the Xbox One.
  • After then, check to see whether there is power coming from the power outlet. You can achieve this by attaching another gadget to the same socket or plugging the power source into another outlet.
  • If your power supply is still not working after checking the power outlet, move on to the next step.
  • Remove the power cable from the outlet.
  • Disconnect the Xbox’s power source from the outlet.
  • Allow it to sit unplugged for at least ten minutes. You must wait for the power supply to reboot and reset.
  • Reconnect the power supply to the outlet and the Xbox One, making sure everything is in working order.
    You should now see a yellow light on your power supply and be able to turn on your Xbox One.

Reset the Xbox One

  • Make sure your Xbox One doesn’t have any discs in it.
  • All you have to do is press and hold the seek, eject, and power buttons at the same time (you’ll need both hands for this!)
  • Hold down all three buttons for 10 seconds or until the power button begins to flash.
  • Release the eject button when the power button flashes but keep holding the seek and power buttons for another 15 seconds!

Test the power cable and the brick.

It turns out that having a faulty power cable is never a good thing. If the aforementioned options do not work, your power brick or power cable may be broken, preventing it from functioning properly. Power supplies can fail, usually as a result of power outages, and as a result, they are unable to give enough power to the Console, which is why it is not turning on. Furthermore, it is common for the pins on your power cable to become damaged or broken, causing it to stop working. As a result, the first thing you should check is your power cable to ensure that all of the pins are intact.

In this situation, you’ll need to test your Console with a different power supply to see whether it will boot up. Whether you have an extra console lying around, try using the power supply from that Console to see if it starts up successfully. If this happens, you’ll know that your power brick has failed and that you’ll need to replace it.

Clean your Power Brick

A clean power supply is always a positive indicator because it prevents a variety of power problems. If your power supply is clogged or dirty, it’s very likely that it’s creating a problem on your end. Dust can cause power supplies to overheat, causing them to fail to work as intended. As a result, your Console will not turn on since it will not receive enough power from the power source.

Contact customer support

If replacing the power brick didn’t solve the problem, there’s a good probability the Console is broken.

At that time, the best course of action is to contact Microsoft Xbox support. Despite the fact that they no longer manufacture the first-generation Xbox, they still provide support and maintenance, but any repairs you need to undertake will be out-of-warranty.

To use the Power Center to reboot your Console, follow these steps:


To power cycle your Console, follow these instructions:

  • To access the instructions, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Power mode & startup from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Restart Now.

Common issues with Xbox One Power Supplies


Overheating occurs when your Xbox’s power supply becomes too hot due to a lack of air. The status light on your power brick will turn bright red in this circumstance.
If it happens, here’s what you should do:

  • Overheating might damage the internal system, so turn off your Console right away.
  • Unplug the consoles and outlet’s power supplies.
  • Allow it to cool for a few hours before attempting to use it again.
  • Increase the ventilation in the room where you use your Xbox One to prevent it from happening again. When you’re playing, open a window or invest in a fan to keep the heat at bay.

Shortage of the Required Voltage

Another typical problem with Xbox One power supplies is that they won’t work if the required voltage isn’t supplied. The power brick will not send energy to your Console if this happens.

If this is the case, you may need to purchase a voltage converter. The Xbox One is compatible with both 110v and 220v power sources.

Malfunction of the System due to Malware

If your machine has been infected with Malware, you’ll notice that it turns off on its own whenever you play. You could suppose the problem is with the power source in that situation; however, it isn’t always the case.
This is what you must do:

  • On your controller, press the Xbox button.
  • Select Console Info from the Settings menu.
  • Select the option to Reset Console now.
  • Reset and Remove Everything or Reset and Keep Games and Apps are your options.
  • Choose the desired option.
  • It should turn off and reset your Xbox.

Concluding thoughts

To sum up, problems with the Xbox One are uncommon, but if they develop, instead of worrying, you can use the appropriate strategies and expert gadgets available online. This advice may prove to be very useful in the long run because it comes from experienced Xbox One and Xbox users who have dealt with all of the issues you are experiencing. Have fun gaming!

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