Why PS Vita is Flashing Orange Light? Reasons & Solutions

Playstation ensured a compact gaming experience with the PS Vita. While many users are in love with the gameplay and handling advantages, there are some questions in their minds too. The first and most common of these questions is why PS Vita flashes orange light. If you are one of those who is looking for the answer for the same, read through this article to know the reason and fixes. Also, you will be able to know about the meaning behind other light indicators as well.

What Does PS Vita flashing orange light mean?

Why PS Vita is Flashing Orange Light

After using the PS Vita for some time and putting it on a charge, you can see an orange light flashing from it. Many of the new users feel that it is an issue, but this is the design of the device. The company has fabricated this indication to show up that the device is charging up in standby mode. In this mode, when the charge is full, the flashing light turns to constant orange light, depicting complete charge.

Is PS Vita flashing orange light an issue?

As depicted in the previous lines, the flashing orange light, while it’s charging, is not an issue by default. It is the part of the device working. Nonetheless, it may seem an issue to the users on the following grounds:

  • First, the device does not turn on when the orange light is flashing. When the device charges, it automatically gets into standby mode. This means that the device cannot be turned on during its time of charge. If you want to start the gameplay, you may need to remove the charging cable. Most of the time, non-operation and the blinking of light often create a scenario of issue, but it is not.
  • Second, even if the light is on, the device needs to be plugged out to ensure working. As said in the previous lines, you need to plug out the PS Vita to start gaming again. This applies to the fully charged device too. Even Though it is fully charged, removing the cable only can make you start relishing recreations.


What to do if the Ps vita flashes an orange light?

If your PS Vita is flashing orange and you’re worried about the same, you can ensure the following:

  • Remove the charge and turn it on to make sure your devices are alright.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the device to be fully charged, and later, you can check
  • Inculcate a habit of charging it after turning it on.


This lighting is not often an issue, so there is no need to ponder over it. Nonetheless, if you are still concerned, check out the above insights and ensure your device is safe.

Can you play PS Vita while it is charging?

All the above insights may clear a few areas but also can create some new questions. The most common of these are: can you play PS vita while it is charging?

The questions may be logical as the above insights show that in standby mode and charging, the device is not suitable to play. Conversely, the answer is actually YES. You can play on your PS vita while it is charging.

If we observe carefully, it is outlined that the PS vita flashes orange light only if it is in standby mode. But, if the device is charged while being turned on, you can still play games in it while being charged. But there are a couple of points you may need to keep in mind:

  • The device with zero charges cannot be used to play as soon as it is connected to power. You may need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes for it to gather enough charge to start the gameplay.
  • Playing games while being in charge can have an effect on its battery. So, it is seldom recommended to charge and then play.


Frequently asked questions

What does PS vita flashing green means?

Most often, the green light appears to ensure the device is on standby mode. If you have turned it off by pressing the power button, the green light blinks representing that it has entered standby mode. Now, if you connect the charger to the device, the orange light blinking starts.

What does PS vita blinking blue mean?

PS Vita works on the disks of the game. When any transaction with these disks happens, the blue light will blink. Say the disk is about to eject or a new disk is in processing, and the light continues blinking blue. But, this is not the sole reason. Sometimes, technical errors, if any, also lead to blue light. This light ensures to prevent users from doing severe actions like turning it on or off.

Is the power bank able to charge a PS vita?

Powerbanks today come with a diverse set of features. Therefore, deriving simple inferences may be difficult here. Ideally, a PS vita needs 2 amps of current, which is not offered by many versions of power banks. Ideally, it is a good idea to make use of PowerPoint to charge the device. In case of emergency, you may use those power banks that can ensure these power ratings as needed.

Summing Up

By now, the verdict is clear for us all. The PS Vita flashing orange light was initially believed to be an issue. But the truth is that this light is an indicator of charging when it is in a standby mode. The issue can be easily resolved by plugging it out and turning on the device to start playing. Also, note that there are other indicators that are backed by other color lights. For instance, the green light is an indicator of standby mode in the device. On the other hand, blue is the indication of disk transactions.

We hope all the insights above have cleared out your queries about the indicator lights of PS vita. Check on to your PS Vita and start relishing games without being worried about the indicators.


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