Why Can’t I Join My Friend’s Minecraft World?

Why Can’t I Join My Friend’s Minecraft World?

Being one of the most famous 3D video games, Minecraft World allows gamer to create their own servers and play the game with their friends. The major USP of the game is the multiplayer feature – it ruins the fun when you or your friends cannot join the server due to an unknown glitch. We understand the frustration – and if you’ve asked yourself over hundred times, “why can’t I join my friend’s Minecraft world” then we have a bunch of solutions for you.

why cant i join my friends minecraft world

Permission Issues

One of the most common causes of the inability to connect to other servers is a lack of necessary permissions. This prevents your account from being compromised by allowing unauthorized connections from servers. To resolve this, please enable account connections to multiple servers.

If you’re using Windows and want to play, follow these instructions:

  • Enter your genuine login information.
  • To view the profile, you can click on the image.
  • Select the Privacy Settings link on the new page.
  • Select Windows 10 Online Safety from the drop-down menu.
  • To play outside of Windows, enable the option next to that choice.


Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall setting is another potential source of connectivity problems.

Eventually, Windows will prevent programs from accessing networks from various locations due to this problem.

The inability to establish a connection to another server is a common cause of program failure.

If Windows cannot establish a connection with the server, the game will be unable to load the world, and a failure message will be displayed. To solve the problem with Windows Firewall, try the following.

To adjust your firewall settings, either click the “Firewall” icon in the system tray or type “firewall” into the search bar:

  • Choose Allow an App Through Firewall from the sidebar.
  • After approving the app through Firewall, a new window will open.
  • Select Change Settings from the menu.
  • Find the Minecraft Launcher by scrolling down and checking the appropriate boxes. If you can’t see it, select “Add New App” and then “Minecraft” from the list.
  • Click the OK button to save your changes and exit the menu.


Corrupt User Account

A corrupted user account is another potential source of difficulty in starting the server. In reality, the vast majority of Minecraft players access the game via online servers. When a user launches a corrupted server world, it can lead to issues when you can’t join your friend’s Minecraft world for the user’s account.

Problems with Minecraft’s new game world release can also be caused by issues with your Microsoft account. Aside from the rarity, there are still occasional instances of this.

Installing antivirus software is your only option for resolving the problem. For the sake of eradicating any tainted data, it’s imperative that you run a virus scan on both your gaming and personal Microsoft account.

Antivirus Issues

Some antivirus programs may prevent even verified apps from running if they attempt to connect to an untrusted server. This is a very sophisticated security measure, but it can prevent you from joining the new Minecraft world. In most cases, double-checking the settings or installing the new antivirus software will solve the problem. Changing the settings may be difficult in the free version. You can still check the settings to see if the antivirus program is to blame for the issues.

Issues With The Friends List

The problems with your friend list are another major factor that might prevent you from choosing to join the new world. In some cases, adding a large number of fake accounts to your friend list can corrupt it. The problems in the friend list may also originate from an overcrowded friend list.

If your friend list is corrupted, you won’t be able to join your friend’s newly created server. Only by limiting your friend list can the problems be resolved. Eliminating or avoiding playmates you don’t know is preferable.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Launch your own Single World adventure by logging in.
  • Type /friends into the chat to see your list of contacts.
  • Simply scroll down until you locate the friend you wish to unfriend.
  • To delete a friend, type /friend followed by the name, then hit enter. You should also go through your friend list
  • and delete any anonymous or fake accounts you find.
  • Get back to the game’s main page and start it up again. Hold off on launching the New World.
  • Choose the People menu.
  • Simply select “Add New Friend” from the menu.
  • Use the friend’s Gamer Tag to locate them.
  • Once you’ve located them, verify the addition.


Problems In The Server

Corrupted servers are another common source of connection issues. Connecting to the new world via a server can be difficult for a variety of reasons.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Multiple remote access VPN servers.
  • The server is set up in a country where it is illegal to access the internet.
  • The website your friend uses is currently experiencing technical difficulties.
  • Restarting the program will resolve the server problems and restore access for both users.


If your friend is trying to use the server from a location within your country that is blocked, you can bypass the block by connecting to the server through a virtual private network (VPN) or a dedicated server.

Failed App Launch

An application’s failure to launch is another possible root cause. Sometimes there are server problems that prevent Minecraft from starting up. It’s a common problem for devices with limited storage or slow internet to experience this.

A five to ten-minute gap between signing out and signing back in should resolve the issue. We also suggest starting the program again after closing it down entirely.

Following a predetermined period of inactivity, the application can be restarted from the beginning. If this doesn’t work, try restarting the device, as sometimes even devices can’t launch the app properly.

Stored Cache

Lack of available storage space is also a potential barrier to your application’s integration with the modern world. Keep in mind that your device needs free space in order to start a new server and enjoy the game to its fullest. The device will function faultlessly after this is done.

The introduction of a new Minecraft world relies heavily on both short-term and long-term recollection. Because of this, you should be able to install the app without any problems on your mobile device. If you want to play the game on your computer, you might want to free up some space by removing some programs.

Users of the Xbox and other devices, however, may want to think about investing in external storage to help speed up their gadgets. If the app doesn’t start after you free up some space, try restarting it and then opening the new Minecraft world. With this in place, the program is more likely to launch smoothly and take up the necessary space.

Outdated Minecraft & Java

The problem may also have something to do with the old version. Most users never bother to update to the most recent version of the software.

Update Minecraft by following these instructions. In that case, you should visit the Microsoft Store. Find Minecraft and install the latest version. If the application’s updates aren’t available in the Microsoft Store, you’ll need to download the original version and install it.

  • Get rid of Minecraft if you have it installed.
  • Visit the Minecraft website.
  • Get Minecraft and install it on your computer.
  • Activate the installer and proceed with the software installation.


The problem may also be due to an old version of Java.

The Java version quickly becomes obsolete due to rapid technological advancements. Users need to keep an eye out for these updates and install them as soon as they become available.

  • Visit the Java homepage now.
  • To obtain Java, select Get Java.
  • Once the download is complete, start the installation wizard.
  • The most recent version of Java will be installed on your device after you follow these steps.


Hope it helps when you question why can’t I join my friend’s minecraft world!

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