The trailer of No Time to Die marks James Bond’s return to action

At the end of Sam Mendes’ Spectre in the year 2015, James Bond had disappeared from the screen, but with the coming back of Daniel Craig’s British secret agent, he might be seen conquering the new enemy. 

With the launch of the first trailer of No Time to Die, we came across the condition that happened to MI6 and the world since Bond decided to leave the active service. It is shown that Felix Leiter, Bond’s friend, reaches out to him, seeking help for locating a scientist, and this is when the Bond comes into action. 

Bond is also shown to partner with a new 00 agent and reunite with his long-lost colleagues to take over the new enemy. 

According to the news, Malek may be seen in the movie playing the role of the villain. Though his character was not shown in the trailer, there was a glimpse which assured us of it.

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