The Single-Celled Blob Can Make Decisions like any human being

Single-celled organisms like the tiny blobs might be equipped with the power to change its mind and make confident decisions. It might even feel the fear while going near a dangerous object. 

Namely, an American Zoologist, Herbert Spencer Jennings, has been studying on a single-celled organism called Stentor roeselii for quite a long time now. He wrote in his findings that these organisms respond similarly to a slight change in their surroundings, as others do. 

Recently, a group of researchers from Harvard University decided to study the old experiment as a side project. Though it was entirely off the books, it intruded on the interests of the students.

The team, however, managed to get some roeselii specimen and used a microscope to observe how the organisms behaved when the scientists release an irritant.

To no surprise, a similar behavior was noticed in the organisms, and they were trying to avoid the irritants, spread around them. 

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