Daisy Watson

Founder, Author (Entertainment)

Daisy is the founder of, and she started after working for years in the media industry. She has immense experience in creating stories out of various events. She is a fun-loving woman with an extreme love of getting photographed. Apart from the management of the team, and the website, she writes for the Entertainment section of the portal.

John Ellis

Author (Technology)

John is a veteran content creator and journalist. He has a unique perspective of technology, and that is what intrigued him to cover the tech events and create stories out of them. He joined the team and started managing to write content for the technology section. He is the best at what he does. We are happy to have him as a senior contributor.

Samantha Conley

Author (Entertainment)

Samantha is crazy about movies and celebrities. She is always curious to know more about them, and that made her to become a journalist in the Entertainment industry. This makes possible for her to know them better. She joined the team for managing the Entertainment section along with Daisy. She is a very hardworking woman with a lot of enthusiasm.

Shelly Sanders

Author (Science)

She loves to study more about space and various science-related experiments. She spends a lot of time researching various science-based studies. Since she loves Science, she manages to write for the Science section of the portal. She never fails to deliver. She instantly gets the news and make the stories out of them, and publish so that the audiences get the best news quickly.