Study says the bone-crunching Dinosaur replaces its teeth every two months

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Researchers found that the Majungasaurus replaces its mouth full of teeth, every two months, which is thirteen times faster than the usual meat-eating carnivore dinosaurs. 

According to the research published in the journal PLOS ONE, it said that their teeth wear down quickly, and the reason behind it may be because of the gnawing of the bones. 

Professors of the New York University also says that evidence has been found of scratches and gouges, which match the spacing of their teeth. 

The species has, however, been detected as the supreme in the food chain and was 21 feet long. The sharp teeth it has worked like knives that could easily slice up the flesh of the prey. From the bones that have been found, it can be said that it also had a snout and a horn at the top of its head. 

But compared to strengthening other parts, its teeth weren’t much strong to bear the pressure. However, the rate of tooth growth was quite rapid in these dinosaurs; a day seems to span the time of a year.

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