Scientists say that this place on Earth has no life

Scientists have finally discovered a place on Earth where no life can survive despite the presence of water and carbon. 

Previously, scientists have claimed that the microbes cannot survive in hot, saline, hyperacid ponds in the Dallol geothermal field in Ethiopia. But through further studies, the fact of the existence of certain microorganisms was brought forth. 

But recently, the biologist, Purificación Lopez Garcia of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) with his team of French-Spanish scientists, has brought forth the fact that there is no existence of life in Dallol’s multi-extreme ponds.

The biologist suggests that after analyzing the samples, which were there from the previous works, they have concluded that there is no trace of microbial life in the extreme pools. 

They have further cited that the silica-rich Dallol mineral precipitates only look like microbial cells under a microscope, but they are not so in reality. It is possibly due to the contamination with archae that the mineral particles have been misinterpreted to be the fossilized cells.

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