PS4 to not work in the game but in the Big picture: Fixes

PS4’s failure to work in the game but in the big picture

This issue can sound simple, but faced by many users of PlayStation 4, hence you need to find an ideal method to fix the problem. Enlisted below are a few methods that users have tried and found that they do work when PS4 to not work in the game but in the Big picture. At any point in time, any user can try them to make things go right.

PS4 to not work in the game but in the Big picture

Possible fixes for: PS4 to not work in the game but in the Big picture

Problem with the Connection

One of the common reasons for the PSR to not turn up in the game could be because of a mishap in the connections. Once the user gets to face the issue, the connections of the PS4 need to be monitored and made sure that the PS4 Controller is plugged in properly to the USB ports. Sometimes it’s the PS4 Controller would be at fault due to a loose connection or any wires plugged elsewhere by fault. Thus the user will face the issue of not working in-game while playing big picture mode.

Check for settings

Another option to try is to go and check if there are any errors in the settings by following the steps given below:

  • Click on the Steam option to open it and go into game Setting.
  • Select the Controller option.
  • Now access General Controller Settings.
  • A new window will pop up where the user can choose the PS4 Controller.
  • Now we need to run the game in big picture mode, and the Controller will work perfectly.
  • Make sure to perform these steps every time you run the game.

Turn off Xbox Configuration Support

  • If you go to settings and the Controller, go to big picture mode options. Make sure to turn off Xbox Configuration Support.
  • The user must ensure Turn off Xbox Configuration Support is enabled. Once done, It will disable the extra configuration options you might get for games, but you can enable them on a per-game basis in manage.
  • Again in the Big Picture mode, find the game and select Manage on the left side of the game.
  • In the Controller, select the steam configuration option for non-steam controllers Off and also Turn Off Experimental Rumble Emulation.

Checking the connections on another system

Still, if the user is facing the same error, then we need to try out the next option, which is to try connecting the wires onto another device to check if everything is going well.

Restart the system

Sometimes, restarting the entire system can help put things back in place. This is the simplest way to solve the error in case all the above methods are not working out.

Controller mapping

A few users had reported that controller mapping was a solution for them when they had faced the same. The user needs to change the game settings to enable the PS4 Controller. But if not, then do try controller mapping or restarting the system.

Turn On Xbox Controller

Select Ctrl + Alt + Delete to close all the applications that are running related to Steam. Now turn on the Xbox Controller before launching Steam. This easy method has worked for many.

Configure GamePad

If the PS4 Controller works in the big picture but is not an in-game problem, then it might be the wrong Controller to follow the mentioned steps to get things right.

  • You have to configure it to be a gamepad layout.
  • The user can also try configuring Steam by allowing the Controller to appear as an Xbox controller for the games.
  • To enable that, the user must enter into Big Picture Mode with a controller being connected, then select the Manage Shortcut, and then select the Controller Configuration option.
  • Once the user enables controller configuration, it has to be set up as a gamepad and not a keyboard mouse.

Customer Support

However, if those don’t work, then you should contact the customer helpline for Steam games. The customer service will tell you the correct solution to the problem so that you can get gaming again.

Final Verdict

The above-listed methods are a source to configure the issue when PS4 to not work in the game but in the Big picture– that any user could face. They are easy and can help sort issue in no time. These 9 methods have been tested by many users, and they have come out with feedback saying that it does work!

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