Neil Armstrong was not the first one to step on the moon, as NASA says

Photo: NASA

We all knew till now that Neil Armstrong was the first one to step on the surface of the moon, but now, Apollo 12’s Charles “Pete” Conrad has come up with a claim, which does not suggest the same. 

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong was tagged as the first human to walk alone on an alien world, at the moon. Just after that, astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean came to be known as the second people to walk on the moon, together. 

It is now claimed that Apollo 12 was a much successful and productive lunar mission attempted by the pair of scientists as they could bring back some samples of the lunar rocks too. 

According to Conrad, though Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, he was unable to fetch any productive information or elements on his way back from the Moon. Thus, it is unjustifiable to award him with the title of the “first man to step on the Moon” because it wasn’t at all productive without the information brought back from there.