NASA warns that a 75-foot Asteroid might be heading towards Earth

Our solar system neighborhood, if pictured in an artistic illustration, cannot detect almost over 17,000 near-Earth asteroids. But recently, the scientists ended up detecting an asteroid, approaching towards Earth. 

Pictured; an artistic illustration of an asteroid flying by Earth. Photo: NASA

The reason that NASA had to circulate the news because the asteroid seemed to be quite dangerous. Scientists detected that once the asteroid collides with the planet, it may lead to a massive explosion in space. 

Recently, NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) identified the approach and revealed that the asteroid, of 75 feet wide, is flying towards Earth at an estimated speed of around 18,000 miles per hour. 

Moreover, NASA has also identified the type of asteroid to be an Apollo one and has a very wide orbit, among all in the solar system. It is only occasional that the asteroid ends up intersecting that of Earth since it goes around the Sun. Once the asteroid comes in contact with the Earth, it will create a massive explosion.

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