What is The Meaning of The ‘Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage’ Option?

It’s not surprising that many gamers own an Xbox One. It’s one of the market’s flagship consoles right now, and as such, it’ll be popular by default. However, users may have discovered an option in their menu that says “Xbox is off, turn off storage” and been perplexed. What exactly does this option do, and what is its purpose?

Don’t worry. We’ll review exactly what the “Xbox is off turn off storage” setting does and how to make the most of it. Keep reading to learn Xbox is off; turn off storage meaning.

Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage


What is Xbox is off, turn off storage meaning? What does it do?

If you’ve been using your Xbox for a while, you’ll notice that your downloads, whether game updates or software updates, will occasionally run in the background. It’s a convenient attribute that allows you to continue having fun while keeping your console up to date. This is also where the “Xbox is turned off, turn off storage” feature comes into play.

This setting determines whether your Xbox can continue to run downloads in the background even when the device is turned off. While it’s a convenient feature that ensures your device and games are always up to date, it comes with security risks that some users may not appreciate. Some of these will be discussed further below.

Problem 1: Unsupervised downloads are possible

While having updates run in the background while your Xbox is turned off is very convenient, it also means you won’t be able to monitor some updates the system will send to your console. While most Xbox Store developers aren’t going to do anything shady, some users may find the mere possibility of this happening to be quite unsettling.

Furthermore, users may want to avoid pointless software updates that change settings they do not want to be changed. Not as dangerous or paranoia-inducing as the previous reason, but still aggravating to deal with. If you fall into one of these classes, the “Xbox is off, turn off storage” setting is exactly what you need.

Problem 2: Casual use can result in data corruption or loss

Consoles have cautioned players against turning off their devices while a game is saving since its inception. Not following this advice will almost always result in your saved data being corrupted, wiping out tons of potential progress. This also applies to leaving your downloads running when you turn off your Xbox.

While the probability of it happening is much lower than it used to be, the fact that it can happen may have already turned some users off the feature. We have some promising information for you if you fall into this category. When you select the “Xbox is off, turn off storage” option, your valuable data is frozen until the next time your console is turned on.

What are the advantages of not using “Xbox is off, turn off storage”?

While we may have painted a few scary scenarios for you, keep in mind that Microsoft has been testing this feature for years, and it is mostly safe to use regardless of who you are. It’s also good because there are a lot of advantages to leaving this setting on, and we’ll go over a few of them beneath!

Benefit 1: Quicker downloads

When your Xbox is using your internet connectivity to keep you linked and gaming, it’s common for the console to throttle download speeds so you can keep gaming while downloads are taking place. When your Xbox downloads games while it is turned off, it can devote all of its bandwidth to completing your download as quickly as possible.

This ensures that your games are always ready to play when needed, especially after a long day at work. It’s a significant advantage, but other factors must be considered.

Benefit 2: Reduces gaming downtime

We previously discussed how your Xbox could throttle downloads to maintain consistent internet performance while gaming and downloading. Well, occasionally, that’s simply not possible, and in such cases, you’ll have to stop gaming from completing your download first. This issue is completely avoided when updates are downloaded while the console is turned off.

Any future updates will be downloaded while the console is turned off, so there will be very little to do afterwards. With this, you can now jump into gaming without worrying about whether your performance will suffer if a download arrives. It’s also useful for competitive gamers who don’t want to be interrupted during games.

Benefit 3: Comfort of use

The sheer convenience of using this feature is perhaps its most significant advantage. Unlike how things usually work, where you have to authenticate downloads and watch them run in the background, leaving this feature enabled reduces the process to simply knowing it exists and checking for updates regularly.

For many users, particularly those who don’t have much time to fiddle with their consoles, the feature is a godsend that you should never turn off. And regarding the sheer size of game updates these days, we’re not surprised.

What effect does the When Xbox is turned off, turn off storage option have?

The Xbox One has two power manners: connected, which allows it to start very quickly (Instant-on), and energy-saving. When using Instant-on, you have the following options: Turn off storage when the Xbox is turned off.

When you have an external hard disk to store games, the impact of using this option in conjunction with the Automatically download updates and purchases option is significant. When using Instant-on mode, any updates will normally download in the backdrop, even when the Xbox is turned off.

Nevertheless, if you have the When Xbox is off, the turn-off storage option is enabled, and any updates will download in the backdrop even when the Xbox is turned off. The exterior hard disk will be powered down, and games on the disk will not be updated while the console is turned off, nor will any applications be updated until the Xbox is turned back on. If you use an exterior hard disk and want games to update even when the Xbox is turned off, uncheck the When Xbox is turned off, turn off storage option.

To end

We hope this article removed any confusion about the Xbox is off turn off storage meaning. We’re confident that some of you will find it useful.

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