How To Stop Xbox Controller From Automatically Turning Off?

How to stop Xbox controller from automatically turning off?

Are you searching for how to stop Xbox controller from automatically turning off? Whatever Xbox console you choose, you’ll need a good Xbox controller to go with it. When it comes to comfort and grip during gameplay, these controllers are among the best. Xbox controllers are also available in a variety of designs and colors. Xbox 360 controllers are compatible with Xbox One, making them an excellent investment.

However, Xbox controllers, like all devices, will eventually fail. Some users have reported that their controller randomly turns off during games. It can be frustrating when you’re eager to play with your friends, and it suddenly shuts down.

This guide will show the most common causes of this Xbox controller issue and how to stop the Xbox controller from automatically turning off. Continue reading to find out more.

how to stop Xbox controller from automatically turning off

How to stop Xbox controller from automatically turning off – Common Reasons

The controller is not fully charged, or the battery is low

When encountering this problem, it is best to first check the battery level of your controller. The battery indicator is located in the upper-right corner of the display on your Xbox console.

Turn Off Xbox Auto Sleep

Auto Sleep is a setting on Xbox that turns off your controller after a period of inactivity. While this saves some of your controller’s power, it may also be the cause of your controller’s sudden shutdown.

Xbox Controller is Out of Range

Wireless controllers can be very effective. It allows you to play in any position as long as the distance is between 19 and 28 feet (6 and 9 meters). If you go any further, your controller will be abruptly disconnected from the console.

Another factor is interference from nearby wireless devices

It may cause connection problems, resulting in your controller being disconnected and turning off.

Xbox Controller Firmware is Outdated

The firmware on your Xbox controller must be updated. They are required for your controller’s features to function properly and to avoid glitches such as sudden shutdowns.

How to stop Xbox controller from automatically turning off – Fixes

Now that you’ve identified all the common causes of your Xbox controller suddenly turning off while in use, it’s time to review the fixes you can try. Most of them are simple to perform on the console and applicable to all Xbox consoles.

Fix 1: Fully charge your Xbox Controller

You often forget to charge your Xbox controller, particularly if you want to jump right into your favorite games. However, failing to monitor your controller’s battery level can result in unexpected disconnections.

If your controller comes with an Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, you can use it to charge your controller before using it.

Fix 2: Restart your Xbox console and controller

Most common Xbox console and controller issues can be resolved by power cycling the console and controller. It resets your device and any ongoing connections, allowing you to reconnect without issue. Follow these steps to restart your Xbox console:

  • Hold down the Xbox button.
  • When the Power Center appears on the screen, select Restart Console.
  • To confirm, click Yes.
  • Wait for it to power on before connecting your Xbox controller. Check to see if it resolves the problem.


This is a fairly common fix and one of the suggestions for when your Xbox won’t turn on but makes a noise.

Fix 3: Disable Auto Sleep

As previously stated, most Xbox consoles have an Auto Sleep feature that turns off your controller automatically after a period of inactivity. It can go unnoticed at times and be aggravating to deal with.

To disable Auto Sleep in Xbox, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to System on your Xbox console.
  • Locate and select Auto Sleep, then Disable.
  • As long as the controller is connected to the Xbox console, it will now be constantly active.

Fix 4: Keep your Xbox controller within its recommended range

Another thing to consider is whether you’re placing your controller too far away from the console. Moving closer to the console to avoid connection issues and have a better console experience.

Also, make sure your controller is facing the console to detect it properly.

Fix 5: Make Use of a Wired Connection

When there are unavoidable interferences near your console, you can try using a wired connection between your Xbox console and the controller. It will eliminate any problems caused by wireless connections and be more reliable.

You must connect your controller to the Xbox console via a micro USB cable and wait for it to be recognized. You can now play without bothering about your controller suddenly turning off once it’s connected.

Fix 6: Update the Firmware on the Xbox Controller

Many of your console’s issues, including connection issues, can be resolved with updated firmware. Microsoft constantly releases firmware updates for Xbox consoles, so keep up to date whenever an update for your Xbox model is released.

To modernize the firmware on your Xbox controller, do the following:

  • Navigate to Settings > Devices and Accessories on your Xbox console
  • Select your Xbox controller and install any available updates
  • After installing it, restart both your Xbox controller and console
  • Examine whether your controller still turns off when connected to the console

Fix 7: Restart your Xbox

If you’ve tested all of the above fixes and still have the same problem, your last option is to reset your console. You will, however, select the option to keep your console’s app and game data. It will reset all of your console’s settings to factory defaults.

Follow these steps to reset your Xbox console:

  • To access the guide, open your Xbox console and press the Xbox button.
  • Go to Profile and System > Settings > System.
  • Choose Console Info and then Reset console.
  • Choose keep my games and apps and reset from the reset options.
  • After you’ve reset your console, connect your Xbox controller to see if the problem persists.

Last Thoughts

Xbox controllers are essential for an enjoyable console gaming experience. Connecting them is also simple, whether you use a wired or wireless connection. However, you may encounter some power issues, particularly with your controllers. So, if your Xbox controller suddenly shuts down, this guide has you covered.