How To Stop Echo on Xbox?

How to stop echo on Xbox?

Do you have mic echo issues on your Xbox One? We’re here to assist!

A reliable headset with no mic echo is essential for online gaming. After all, it’s a social experience that relies on two-way communication between you and your teammates.

However, when people talk, their communication can be hampered by a strange echo effect or background noise, irritating all conversating members.

How to stop echo on Xbox

Mic echo issues plagued the Xbox Series X, and the Xbox One is no exception. And the Xbox isn’t the only console with echo problems. According to reports, the PS5 also has mic echo issues.

If you hear an echo or noise while playing or in a party chat on Xbox, you can abide by a few steps to reduce the possibility of your setup causing the problem. We are here to assist you on how to stop echo on Xbox. Read on to know more.

Hearing an Echo in Xbox One Party Chat? How to fix echo on Xbox?

If other people in your party are complaining about their voices echoing back, try adjusting the volume on your Headset.

To do so, push the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the guide, scroll down to System (the cog icon), and finally, Audio. Ensure that the Headset volume is set a few notches lower than the maximum.

If you hear everyone else in your party echoing when you’re in a party chat, it’s because the audio output is coming from both your speakers and your Headset simultaneously. Pursue the steps below to adjust this setting:

  • To access the guide, push the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Choose System, then Settings.
  • Volume and audio output should be selected.
  • Select Headset from the Party chat output menu.


A variety of factors could cause mic echo. The problem could be caused by your controller, headset/mic setup, or even an excessively loud TV volume. And it could even be your fault!

If you only hear an echo when someone else speaks, the issue could be with the person speaking’s headset connection.

Hearing Mic Echo While Playing – how to stop echo on Xbox?

If the resolutions above do not settle the issue in party chat, or if you are experiencing mic echo in general during online multiplayer games, it is most likely due to a combination of factors.

First, ensure the volume on your TV or speaker system is turned down to avoid feedback, and try to reduce ambient noise in the room where you’re playing. You can also try turning down the volume on your Headset (as above).

Next, remove your Headset from the controller. Clean the headset cable’s plug with a clean, dry cloth before reconnecting it firmly to the controller’s expansion port. Finally, if the batteries in your wireless controller are running low, replace them with a new pair.

If you’re still having issues, try your Headset on a different controller if possible. This permits you to determine whether the Headset or the controller connection is the problem.

If the issue appears with the controller, see if the firmware needs to be updated. Attach the controller to your console using a micro USB cable and proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Go to Kinect and devices, then Devices and accessories.
  • Select the controller you’re having trouble with and, if available, click Update.


Hopefully, your mic echo issue has been resolved. If you continue to have issues, please contact Xbox support.

How to fix echo on Xbox Series X: how to stop echo on Xbox Party Chat

Hearing your voice echoing back to you is not always a pleasant experience. Mic echo was an issue on Xbox One, and it has now spread to Xbox Series X, which is very annoying.

Effective communication is essential for enjoying the online gaming experience with your friends. So, if you need to stop mic echo Xbox party chat issues, here are some solutions to consider.

What Causes Mic Echo Issues on Xbox Series X?

The echo is usually caused by your headset or TV speaker system feedback. Your microphone then picks up this and broadcasts through everyone’s headsets. It is frequently due to the culprit having their volume turned up too loud, and addressing this can resolve the mic echo Xbox issue.

Aside from that, the problem could be caused by your Headset or controller, or it could even be caused by someone else at the party. Typically, you can identify the culprit by determining who cannot hear the echo and asking them to try turning down their volume.

Other common causes are:

  • The microphone detects ambient noises, such as those coming from the Headset’s earpiece.
  • The headset plug has not been completely inserted into the controller.
  • Your Xbox wireless controller’s battery may be running low.
  • However, if this does not appear to be working, here are some other options.


How to fix echo on Xbox Series X?

We understand how inconvenient it can be to have a mic echo on your Xbox Series X. The promising fact is that there is a way to stop it, and you should be aware of it. To get rid of mic echo on your Xbox Series X, use the troubleshooting tips listed below.

Check that your Headset is in good working order

You can try connecting the Headset to a different controller to see if that solves the problem. You can also attempt disconnecting and reconnecting your Headset to see if that helps. If your Headset isn’t wireless, try cleaning the plug on the headset cable and reconnecting the Headset to the controller. You can even see if your controller requires a firmware update.

Turn off the television’s Audio

If your audio output is routed through your TV or surrounds sound system, this could be the source of your echo problems. This is especially true if your headset mic is near the speakers. Turning down the volume on your television may be enough to prevent the Headset from picking up and echoing ambient noise.

Reduce the volume of your Headset

Another possibility is that the Audio coming through your Headset is picked up by the mic on your Headset. Reduce the volume on your Headset or move your mic slightly farther away. This can also be mitigated by adjusting the audio mixer settings.

Check the in-game voice chat settings to resolve mic echo issues on Xbox

If all of the above hasn’t worked, check the voice chat settings for the game you’re playing. These possibilities may not be available in every game and may not apply to party chat.

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