How To Cancel A Pre Order On Xbox?

The Xbox entices a lot of Xbox lovers and fans out there! As easy as it is to order and preorder on this device, it can sometimes create a bit of an issue, especially if you want to cancel a preorder on Xbox. 

Xbox fans get excited whenever there is a new launch, but later they might change their mind due to any reason and might want to cancel the order they place. This can lead to them asking the question of how to cancel a preorder on Xbox? 

Well, to your surprise, it is as easy as placing the order, but only if you hit the right buttons. Hence, this guide will tell you all about how to cancel a preorder on Xbox from your gaming console!

How To Cancel A Pre Order On Xbox?

How To Cancel A Pre Order On Xbox?

This can be a query for a lot of users out there where they might feel stuck as to what they would have to do next! But, to help you out, we will tell you about the multiple ways you can use to cancel that preorder facilely!

Method 1: Cancel from the Xbox Account – From Any Other Device

If you have ordered a game or any other Xbox related item from your console, these steps are for you:

  • Step 1: Go to your Microsoft account by going to the Xbox website. This can be done on your smartphone or computer.
  • Step 2: On the right side of the screen, there will be a ‘Microsoft access account’ option; hit that.
  • Step 3: Log in with your credentials here
  • Step 4: Once done, click on See All next to the recent transactions.
  • Step 5: Here, you can find all the transactions that you have made. Find what you wish to cancel here.
  • Step 6: Click on Game Order.
  • Step 7: Lastly, click Cancel.


This will very easily cancel your preorder from another device. Post this; you will receive a full refund for the game. You will also receive an email once you are done with the process. However, the Xbox Live Chat team can be contacted if you face any problems in this process.

Method 2: Cancel from the Xbox Support Page

The next method revolves around how to cancel the preorder from the Xbox support page. To do so, you can follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Log on to the Xbox Support site.
  • Step 2: Go to Billing in the Issues section.
  • Step 3: Follow the steps on the screen and then click on Choose an Access Method.
  • Step 4: Now, choose Chat with Xbox Support from the array of choices given.


You must now explain your query precisely to the executive. Inform the agent that you placed an order, but now you wish to cancel it. The professional might even ask you some specific questions like the reason for cancellation, etc. They might even ask you questions to confirm your identification.

Method 3: Cancel From The Gaming Console

If you wish to cancel the order from your gaming console, you just need to tap on the lines on the left side of the screen and go to the orders section. There you would find your preordered game. Just click on it and cancel. This is probably the easiest method to cancel your preorder if you wish to.

In How Much Time Will I Get My Refund?

Once this process is done, your service request will be placed, and you will be liable for a full refund that you will receive in the next few business days.

However, if you made the purchase via Microsoft store credit, you will get the refund back there IMMEDIATELY. On the other hand, if the transaction was done through your credit card or debit card, or net banking, it might take up to 10 working days for the refund to reach your account. 

What is the time limit to cancel Pre-orders?

Generally, whenever you order a game, it can be played immediately. However, sometimes we like to order games that are in the release process. The company releases various methods to preorder the game, and out of thrill, we tend to order it. Soon, we realize that it isn’t our cup of tea, and we wish to cancel it.

In such situations, the company gives a slab of 10-14 days before the game’s release. Digital preorders, on the other hand, are debited automatically, but you can get a refund before the time limit expires. 


Canceling your preorder can be a walk in the park if you know the correct steps to do so. However, it is also crucial to understand that this can only be done during the limit given by the company, that is, within 14 days of the purchase.

However, it can take up to 10 days to receive the refund if you cancel the order on Xbox. I hope that you found this guide to be helpful, and now you will be able to cancel your order in just a jiffy in an extremely facile manner. 


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