How Much Does it Cost to Replace Laptop Battery?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Laptop Battery?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Laptop Battery?

Do you need to replace your laptop battery? Want to know how much does it cost to replace laptop battery? There is no exact answer because it depends on so many factors. Replacing a battery is a simple tip to improve laptop performance.

In this post, we will discuss how much of your budget you need for a laptop battery replacement. Before we go ahead, first understand when to replace the battery and when to replace it manually.

Check the Battery Percentage on Your Laptop

Want to know how to show battery percentage on a Mac? After the release of macOS Big Sur, Apple disabled the battery level percentage option by default. To enable this option, click System Preferences from the Dock/Apple menu bar or the Applications folder.

In the Preferences Panel, tap the Dock & Menu Bar. Scroll down to Other Modules and tap Battery. Now Mark the box next to Show Percentage in the Battery Options. Make sure that the Show in Menu Bar box is also selected.

What’s an Average Laptop Battery Life?

The overall life of a laptop battery relies on so many factors. It includes its brand, quality, how it has been treated, and system temperature. Generally, a laptop battery has an average life span of 1000 charge cycles. But, it may vary based on battery and laptop brand.

If you don’t know how long your laptop battery lasts, check the average charge on the manufacturer’s site. To extend battery life, lower the screen brightness, turn off the keyboard backlighting, and change the power profile to Power Saver.

How to Know If My Battery Needs Replacement?

Some signs show your laptop battery has started to fail and needs quick repair or replacement. If you notice a battery is draining faster than usual and need to recharge it more often, it might have an issue.

The latest macOS systems now inform users when their battery needs a replacement. You will get a warning message when connecting a laptop for charging. Another possible sign is the system overheating or crashing.

Average Laptop Battery Replacement Cost

Replace Laptop Battery

How much you need to invest in replacing a laptop battery relies on several things. For example, whether you are replacing it manually or by professionals. Replacing an external battery of your laptop could be done by yourself easily.

However, to replace an internal battery, you will need professional support. Alongside this, there are so many factors that influence the replacement cost of a battery.


The average replacement price also varies based on the brand of your laptops, such as $130 – $200 for MacBook, $30 – $200 for Lenovo, $30 – $140 for HP, and $100 – $200 for Razer.

Famous brands such as Apple don’t require you to pay the same or less than Lenovo laptops. Whenever you see the major differences, it could only be a marketing trick. It aims to make customers believe that it is superior in terms of price to others.

Battery Condition and Technology

It is not necessarily true that all brands use the same technology in designing their laptop battery. Some might be made using Lithium Ion, some with Nickel Metal Hydride, and others with Nickel Cadmium.

Based on the technology used, battery charging capacity and lifespan vary. Some batteries may discharge cycles more quickly before breaking down. The battery condition also affects the cost. A brand-new battery is more expensive than a pre-owned battery.

Battery Shopping Area

Another significant factor that affects the overall replacement cost of a laptop battery is where you purchase it. Before analyzing the cost of replacing a battery, consider where you buy it.

Purchasing a laptop from a renowned manufacturer and a local laptop battery shop has different buying rates. Buying it from a local manufacturer is much cheaper than purchasing it from a popular manufacturer.

How Often Replace a Battery?

When to Replace Laptop Battery

It is normal for a laptop battery to deteriorate after a couple of years. Now that you got the answer to how much does it cost to replace laptop battery, understand how often to replace a Mac.

If your battery dies faster after recharging, you need to check your laptop battery life and health status. However, slow charging or sudden power issues can lead to various battery problems. Also, your Mac age matters a lot, as no battery is designed for long-lasting use.

The Conclusion

The laptop’s performance depends heavily on the battery. If your battery drains out quickly or can’t work without plugging it in, it will not facilitate portability. So, an excellent battery life of at least six hours is significant.

Determining the battery percentage helps in understanding exactly how much battery your Mac system has. When you notice that a laptop’s battery lifespan is reducing, try the most useful solution. If they don’t help, go for the battery replacement by professionals.