Hallmark channel scrutinized for having a lack of religious and racial diversity

The mass has now scrutinized the Hallmark channel for possessing a tendency, which lacks the capability of religious biodiversity.

According to the reports presented by the Hollywood Reporter, the channel has come up with only four movies. The surprising fact about these movie releases was that all of them had black leads, and no other religion other than Judaism, and Christianity was portrayed. 

Last year, five of its 21 original movies featured the blackheads while only the five of them have the same now. 

The parent company of Hallmark, THR’s TV podcast Bill Abbott, the CEO, said that the allegation that has been brought against the company is unfair. 

He further said that the generalization is not something fair, and nobody should be categorized for its leads, just like the THR has never been categorized for its white leads. Ultimately, it is the script and the story depiction that matters.

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