Emma Stone got engaged with her long-time boyfriend

The renowned Emma Stone got engaged after dating her boyfriend, Dave McCary, for two long years. The couple did not give any notice beforehand to the media and took to Instagram on Wednesday. 

The actress of thirty-one years age got engaged to her thirty-four-year-old boyfriend and shared a picture as a couple on Instagram, smiling and showing off the engagement ring. 

The post did not have any captions and was only posted with two red hearts because the picture of the couple revealed everything. 

According to PEOPLE, the hosts of Saturday Night Live had revealed in the year 2017 that Emma Stone and Dave McCarry were dating each other for three months. 

Further reports confirm that the pair met during the year 2016 when the Oscar-winning actress hosted SNL and starred in “Wells for Boys,” which was directed by McCary himself. 

However, the couple has always been quite secretive about the romance and never talked with the media about it in public.

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