Does Zoom Record Your Screen or Just The Meeting?

Does Zoom Record Your Screen or Just The Meeting?

The past two years have almost taken a toll on us with screwed-up work-from-home schedules and back-to-back Zoom calls. As we are all new to using Zoom, having questions like does zoom record your screen or just the meeting, or is my privacy at stake while using Zoom, is quite common. Do you panic as well when you see the Host is recording a Zoom meeting? If you have got the same question, we have got your back – as we will be answering whether Zoom records your screen or just the meeting and more.

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does zoom record your screen or just the meeting

Does Zoom Record Your Screen Or Just The Meeting? Firstly, let’s answer your question, which is – does zoom record your screen or just the meeting? Well, Zoom doesn’t record your screen until you allow or give permission to do so. When hosting a meeting via Zoom, the Host has two recording options.

While the first option is manual recording, where the Host clicks the record button in the application once the meeting begins, the second option enables automatic recording. During automatic recording, Zoom captures the meeting as soon as the session starts unless the Host is recording locally. The video, audio, and transcript files are directly saved to the Host’s computer.

Who Can Record A Zoom Session?

If you want to record a zoom session, you must be the meeting host. However, if the meeting host allows permission to record the meeting to an attendee, they can record the Zoom meeting.

When creating a meeting, you can specify co-hosts in the “Alternative Hosts” field under “Options.” In the field, type the email address of a fellow Zoom user to add a co-host.

If you have a basic plan, then there will be no option of a co-host, and it will be limited to only one Host.

What Zoom Recording options does the Host have?

The Host has quite some options for recording a meeting:

  • To begin with, there’s manual recording. First, start the meeting as a host on Zoom. Then, click on the “Record,” which only you’ll be able to see as a host once the meeting begins. Lastly, choose a destination to save your recording, and you’re good to go!
  • Next, there’s automatic recording. With automatic recording, Zoom will start recording as soon as the meeting starts. A meeting can only be recorded automatically if it has been scheduled previously on Zoom by changing its settings to “Record on the cloud.”
  • Lastly, the Host has the option to choose what recording type they want – Cloud Recording or Local Recording. With automatic recording on servers, a host can join using a computer, mobile device, or telephone dial-in. However, for automatic local recording, the meeting will only begin when the Host joins from the Zoom desktop application.

Is it possible to record a Zoom Meeting Without Host Permission?

No, it is never possible to record any meeting without the permission of the Host. If the Host gives you permission or makes you the Host of the meeting – then you can record the meeting without any further permissions. However, if recording the meeting is important for you, you can use a third-party screen recorder.

The Host can only see the portion of the screen that you share. If you only want to show a single tab, they will see that, and if you want to share a whole screen, they will be able to see that. Every activity you do on the screen will then be visible to the viewers.

How Are Attendees Notified Of Recording?

There are three ways in which a Zoom attendee is notified of the recording. They are:

Red “Recording” Light Icon in Zoom Window

The last indication is a circular red icon in the top left corner of the screen next to the word “Recording.” On mobile, you’ll see a similar icon, but with the abbreviated “REC” next to a red dot. While admins can turn off other recording notifications, they cannot disable this indicator.

Recording Consent Dialog Box

Whether recording is automatic or manual, users will be presented with a consent disclaimer with two options, “Got It” or “Leave Meeting.”

An Audible Message That Says, “Recording in Progress”

Any type of Zoom account host can disable this audible alert except for users dialing in by phone only.

Without this audible alert, phone-only users would have no way of knowing session recording was occurring.

FAQs related to Zoom meetings

Does Zoom Record From Your Webcam?

If you have the video turned on, Zoom will record everything from the webcam. Zoom captures anything and everything you share during a recorded session. This includes your screen, video feed, audio feed, public chats, and private conversations with the Host.

Does Zoom Record Your Screen Without You Knowing?

Yes, Zoom can, but it is unlikely to record your screen without your permission. In case you are in a group call and share your screen, then your screen will be recorded without any knowledge.

If you are concerned about Zoom recording your screen, look for the small red circle on your screen. However, Zoom can only record the screen if you only share it.

Does Zoom Record All Participants?

In the recorded session, Zoom records every participant if you are in a recorded session. Every participant in a meeting will get to know that the meeting is recorded through the audible message or by looking at the red circle on the Zoom screen. But remember, Zoom can only record what you share and nothing else.