Dell ends up lowering the revenue forecast, after raising concerns over Intel CPU shortages

In the year 2019, Dell lowers the annual revenue outcome after the Intel CPU shortages hurt its revenue. 

It has been quite some time that Intel was having specific issues, and now, the problems are only increasing over time and that too, with their biggest partner, Dell. 

Dell’s stocks have dropped by 5%, which has resulted in its decrease in the revenue forecast because of the issues with Intel’s CPU shortages.

Regarding this, Dell COO Jeffrey Clarke has given forth his views saying, “Intel CPU shortages have worsened quarter-over-quarter the shortages are now impacting our commercial PC and premium consumer PC Q4 forecasted shipments”.

However, the question arises when, previously, Dell observed an increase in its revenue even when massive Intel CPU shortages were going on. So, the mass is in front of the great question as to why Dell took such a decision.