Bulldog ‘Thor’ wins 2019 National Dog Show

(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

A Houston bulldog named ‘Thor’ manages to secure all the limelight at the national dog show of 2019. The event took place in Philadelphia, on the occasion of Thanksgiving. 

Thor, the muscular canine of two years, weighed 60 lbs and ended up defeating six other ranked canines at the all-breed dog show. 

The dog Thor was described to be sweet and very active by the authority and can win anyone’s heart. Besides being charming, the dog is also very athletic, which made him win the competition. 

Despite the small height, Thor could jump high and even played with the other participants who were gathered for the competition. 

It was probably because of the jolly and gay nature of the dog that he managed to win the tag of being a national dog. 

Thor’s owner, Kara Gordon of Houston, TX and breeder, Jonathan Flores of Peru, could not express their happiness on such an achievement of Thor.