Alexa can now sense your disappointment and excitement and change it’s the voice

You can now share your emotions with Alexa if you are already bored of hearing the robotic voice. Recently, Amazon announced that Alexa would soon be equipped with different tones. 

According to Amazon, the tones will be based on the type of questions asked by the user. If the question asked has a positive response, the sound will be somewhat happy or excited. While for the tone could be used when you answer a trivia question correctly, for example, and that the disappointed/empathetic tone could be used when you ask for a sports score, and your favorite team has lost.

Thus researchers say that such an innovative idea will surely help the users connect to the emotionally and counter loneliness, which is gradually increasing these days. 

However, the particular feature has not been launched yet but will soon be there to avail. 

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